Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Fishing Place

This is the Fishing Place. I have no idea where it is or what it's called. But I do know you go here for crabs, which are currently in season, and it's about a 2 1/2 hour drive outside of Shanghai, on a moderate traffic day with only about 6 car accidents on the way. Yes. Six. It was a light day, I suppose.

We parked the car, walked up a cobbled path, took a right, and came upon this...

A bridge.

It lay there between me and the crabs.
Mostly importantly, between me and lunch.
And the bathroom.

I am sure it was much shorter than I imagined it to be, as I tiptoed across the length of what seemed like an interminable distance.

When we got there, we were shown to our table.
In our very own little room.

I wondered about this because we passed a buncharooms like this one before we got to ours.

And it had it's very own private bathroom.

Shortly thereafter, the food and the drinks came.

Plate after plate.
Some kind of root that you crack open and inside is a water-chestnut and taro mix textured and flavored meat. It was wonderful. Can't get it in the US though.

And edamame, and a cold goat meat plate (yes, I tried it), and fish (which was literally AMAZING), and eel (tried it, the sauce was great but I was put off by the fact that it was literally an eel that had been chopped into 1 to 2 inch long pieces), a tortoise (I kept calling it a turtle and they kept correcting me... uh... ok... Again the sauce was great but I was a bit put off by the piece of shell and the gelatinous casing of the underbody - it is a very boney creature though), and lettuce stem (YUMMY), and fresh sauteed lettuce (YUMMY) and fresh shrimp in shell (so soft and sweet and tender that I just pulled off the heads and popped the rest in my mouth, shells and all), and a fish soup with freshly made tofu (which was not made using the Nigari chemical but salt water solution which is, once again, illegal in the US - and thus heavenly delicious).

And then the crabs.

These were not your Maryland blue crabs for sure. They are farmed right here at the Fishing Place.

The shells were so tender and easy to crack.
The meat was so fresh and so sweet!
You didn't need any sauces to accompany the meat because it was that sweet and flavorful.

The owner came in and I asked what the name of the place was.
He said he just called it his Fishing Place.
He used to come here to fish - his fishing place - and then decided to farm crabs and put up a restaurant.
So I couldn't even tell you how to get there or where it was.
The best things in life are like that.
You happen upon them and serendipty.

We left full.
Another 2 1/2 hour drive back.
But not before one last view outside our room at the Fishing Place.

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