Saturday, November 12, 2011

Miracle Toilet

This is the Miracle Toilet in my room. The longer I stay here, I discover more miraculous feats that this toilet performs.

First, let me say that the tile floors in the bathroom, the tub/shower area, and the toilet area are warmed with radiant heat.

If you approach the area of the toilet, a little light in just that area goes on automagically. So as not to wake whoever is in the bed or you from your bleary eyed zombie state as you go pee or potty in the middle of the night. No fumling around in the dark for a blaring light switch.

Then you life the toilet lid and it sort of comes to life with a low and comforting humming sound.

As you sit, the seat is heated. It's sort of like seat warmers in your car if you get the winter package. Or heated steering wheels.

It has a bidet function with an air dry option afterwards. You can move it from focused to gentle. And from the front to the back.

You then get up and walk away if you want to.
But it flushes itself and it closes the lid for you.

This is the convenience and laziness taken to new heights.


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