Sunday, November 13, 2011

Obama in China? And other sights...

Had the best time with Lilly today.
She truly is my sister.
We went shopping today.
And sat in a restaurant and chatted when we chatted and enjoyed the silence.
I made editorial observations to myself about people I saw and she let me.

We went to a section near the hotel where the locals shop.
We got some great bargains and buys.

Around the corner, we were greeted with this:

It's a different take on Obama. Maybe the Chinese have it right.

We also stopped at a leather carver's booth. I bought 5 or 6 of his work. All made of stiff cow hide that is translucent. I got the two gatekeepers, Confucious, the Phoenix, and the red faced man. I will need to get them framed for the house. Wish I had taken pictures of those.

I also bought a bag since I haven't been able to buy a black bag at home. This one is perfect. About the size of my orange Prada, zip top, and light weight leather. Good for winter.

And around the corner and into a square, we saw an entire section devoted just to chopstick.

Some of the chopsticks were works of art.
And the carvers were right there making them:

And a close up of the carvings:

And a whole row of them that doesn't begin to do justice to the array that they had:

We took a break and stopped into a restaurant.
A shot of the small pot of hot and sour soup I had. It was truly hot and sour. Not filled with soy sauce. It was so good. I asked them to put in some rice vermicelli.

And the best pea tendrils in the world!

We walked around and ducked into a few more stores. I bought a pair of glass tea bottles with built in infusers. Glass is better than the hard plastic bottle that I have. And I also bought some wonderful Jasmine Tea. They gave me a free container to put it all into.

Afterwards, we went to yet another market. Small stalls and some good bargains. I got a pair of shoes for JJ. And a pair for me, since I wasn't sure that I was going to get the suitcase tonight. They had assured me I would get it but they did that yesterday and it never showed. So...

I also bought a beautiful hard sided orange suitcase. I bargained them down to about 48$. And I have a coat being tailored for about $50. And some little metal people that will sit on the kitchen window sill in the new house. Lots of bargains!

We got back to the hotel and was told my suitcase was on the way!



And it arrived.
With everything in it.
A bit squished and a bit worn out but still there.
My beautiful wonderful suitcase.
The hotel sent someone to the airport to pick up the suitcase for me and delivered it to my room.
Crazy good service at this place.

Tomorrow I am leaving for Beijing.
And have packed for about 5 days.
I will leave the rest of the stuff with the hotel for my return on Friday.
I love this hotel.
The good news is that I have all the supplements I need to ward off further pollution here in China.
Especially Beijing.

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