Thursday, March 01, 2012

Back Again

I think I am back.
Feeling better with lots of things i've been pondering.
Been through what seems like hell and back.
But I can't really complain.
I am not really one to complain.
Things happen for a reason.
Every obstacle I encounter has a deeper meaning and lessons to offer.

So, I am going to write more.
Liberate myself.

Starting a new diet - a new way of eating, not a diet, as my friend Cher says.
Starting to do more cardio with a goal toward another slow marathon and a fast century.
Concentrate on work -reach the next level.
Move into my new house in total and out of the storage units.
Get settle into life.
Reap the gifts of my new life.

I am finding peace.
It's right around the corner.
I can just feel it!

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